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Interior Holiday Decorating Services with Santa’s Helpers

Holiday Decorating Services

Fall has arrived – there is a nip in the air and the smell of cinnamon and fir trees cannot be far behind. We all want to have the most beautifully decorated house for the holidays, but who has the time to do it right, to make it all perfect?

We do! And we love it!

If the idea of getting all the lights and garlands out fills you with dread…if you have a great idea for a holiday theme, but don’t know how to bring it to life…if your decorations need a refresher or you are starting from scratch…You need an interior holiday decorating expert!

Let your fall season be full of time with friends and family, and have plenty of time to do thoughtful holiday shopping. We can do it all, start to finish:

  • Christmas tree shopping, delivery and decorating
  • Holiday floral arrangements and centerpieces
  • Personal decoration shopping, with you or for you
  • Full-house dress up, mantel to stairs, front door to family room
  • Special Event and Party decorations
  • Gift Wrapping

And when the holiday rush is over, we take it down again and put it all away, ready for the New Year. What a relief!

Schedule a free consultation today!

Whatever your interior holiday decorating needs, we can provide the resources it takes to get it all done just the way you have imagined it, including lighting specialists, unique decoration vendors, caterers and chefs, invitation printing and custom holiday themes.

Don’t let your holiday spirit get lost in the shuffle this year. Let us bring the spirit of Christmas to your home. And the next time someone asks if you’re ready for the holidays, you can say:

Yes, we are!

2 Designers $90/hour
Additional Assistant $35/per hour

Retail Decor Shopping
$45 per hour

We will happily use your existing Decorations and Lighting. After the holiday, we will break down and pack up – $35 per person/per hour.