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Why Hire an Interior Designer?

It’s 2014 – a brand new year, and you’re more than ready for a change. Hmmm, let’s see…is it a new hair style, perhaps a new wardrobe that you’re craving? No, you’re thinking bigger, bolder…what about…a new house!

But wait — you like your house! It’s just that things are looking a bit drab. The style feels outdated, there never seems to be enough space, and you’re just sick of looking at that paint color in the kitchen, and that sagging living room furniture. So, where to begin? That’s where an interior designer can come in and save the day.

But wait — you have style and a lot of creative ideas about interior design – why do you need to hire an interior designer? Because he or she will be the magician who can bring your style and creative ideas to life. In fact, it is highly encouraged to do your homework before you choose a designer. Don’t worry, this type of homework is the fun kind. Research different interior design styles online or in magazines. What really speaks to you? Pick out a texture, perhaps on a scarf or even a pattern you saw on a picturesque postcard you received from a friend in Paris. Start thinking of colors, landscapes, just let your mind wander — it’s all valuable! It is your personal vision that your interior designer will use to shape the space you’re in and make it perfect for you.

But wait — you still like the idea of doing it yourself. And DIY efforts are certainly to be applauded. But sometimes you need an objective third party, and an expert one at that. Some points to consider:

  • Emotional detachment: are there items that you are holding onto that simply won’t fit into your new style plan? Can you let them go?
  • Re-creating a magazine spread in your home: sure, you loved that incredible tropical paradise-themed beach house with a built-in wet bar, but will it clash with the rest of the Victorian-style interior, replete with Civil War antiques? And, if you answered “no” to that question, then do you know how to make it work?
  • Space considerations: what if you do end up building the ultimate wet bar, only to find that it doesn’t fit anywhere in the house?

When you hire an interior designer, they can and will rescue you from potential problems large and small, from ordering the wrong materials to expensive redesigns. Interior designers are expert space planners, finding the best utilization and functionality of your space. With all their years working on varied home interiors, they can give you a nearly infinite number of options to choose from to find the one that truly works for you. They plan for every detail and can give you a timeline of when the work will be completed, walking each aspect of the project to completion, making sure the proper materials are used and installed, that new furniture arrives in perfect condition, that it not only meets the space requirements but works seamlessly in the flow of the design layout, etc.

Think of it this way: you and your interior designer are a team, helping to integrate all the styles you love in a balanced, functional and ultimately beautiful creation, in your brand new space called home. What could be a better way to celebrate 2014?